Friday, June 29, 2012

My Dysfunctions


I've started writing in a journal. In order to rope together my thoughts.
Anyway I went to a local entertainment store and bought a journal!

  <-- I picked this one!

Each day it has a quote off to the side.
 <-- Today's quote

I thought it was hilarious. I had to get it. I think humor is the best way to handle some things.

Today is FRIDAY! Yay! But Friday always feels like a celebration. Of what? Well I don't know. That I made it through the week? That I am being temporarily released from the weekly shackles... the endless same ole same ole? I'm not sure why it always feels like a celebration but it does and that can lead to trouble. I feel like can eat whatever I want as if the calories don't count. Today is different... so far. So far I haven't touched one bite of food that wasn't planned. Go me!
I am feeling overwhelmed by tomorrows to do list.
Gym, Tan, Laundry (GTL,No joke) and STUDY. I don't think the cast of Jersey Shore ever studied. Seriously I have so much studying to do. But it's Friday and I dont wanna study (whining voice as if I were a 2 yr old) and I just cant seem to focus.


I'm going to see Ted tonight!
I can't wait I can't wait I can't wait

Cheers to Friday!!! <-- Insert photo of favorite happy hour drank. 

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