Tuesday, June 5, 2012

We were on a break!

Let’s play “Name that famous TV Quote”
     “We were on a break!”

Taking a break. A week long sabbatical.

Email that I sent to my friend who also fasts with me:

You know what. I have been doing some thinking today and I think I decided to take a week long break from fasting. Since switching to vegan I have had a hard time figuring out how to put different foods together. I think adding in fasting, another thing I’m still trying to figure out, is hindering my transition. I hate asking you to fast with me and then backing out but I really do need a break. Some time to clear my head. I will start back full throttle on Monday the 11th. See… I set a date so its permanent now.
Again… I’m sorry.

She told me that there was no need to be sorry and that a break is good if I think it will help get me straight.

I am stubborn and I hate… absolutely hate giving up and/or backing out of things when I say I will do them. But the way I see it is this is going to
A. break the boredom I’ve been feeling from my fasting schedule
B. help me put my foods together in a more nutritious way
C. most importantly allow me to breath and clear my head

I think trying to make 2 lifestyle changes at once got to me. It became a little too overwhelming. Especially because they are both diet related.
Plus it’s only a week long so it gives me a break without completely undoing myself.
And hey… I’m human… sometimes we need time to think.


Oh and I read some interesting info on and intermittent fasting forum about breaking a fast with a 500 - 800 cal meal consisting of mainly protein. I am going to see if I can find any info to back this up or if I can find supporting ideas in other places other than just this particular forum. I think 800 for someone who needs extra calories but for someone like me, female with a desk job, I could stay safely around the 500 mark.

In other news…
I think Little Bamboo is getting taller!

"We were on a break!"
If you said Ross and Rachel from Friends then you're as cool as I am!!

"...we were on a break..."

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