Monday, September 17, 2012

I like to play with my food.

 So that's kind of pretty, right?
Yea I know. I'm a total weirdo.
Anyway my tofu recipe didn't turn out spicy enough so I'll share it with you when it's perfected.
I'm going for a "TexMex with a Kick" taste.
By the way. I love to saute chickpeas. They are so yummy with that crispiness.
I've been trying to find new ways to add protein into my diet without adding too many carbs or too much fat.
So this weekend I was at the Natural Grocers and came across Fage 0%. Yogurt.
Now it isn't vegan. But it is a good source of protein and will have to do until I can figure out something else.
There is tofu as I've mentioned before but I don't want to burn out on it.
I've had to cut way back on the consumption of nuts because I was getting too much fat in my diet. Healthy or not, there is a limit and it's fairly easy to turn a healthy food into an unhealthy habit by eating too much of it.
Pistachios in the shell help because you think you are getting more than you really are plus you are paying more attention to the food itself by having to sit there and take the shell off. I can really control my intake with these.
Most of you know that on the weekends I mess up. I throw my healthy eating habits out the window. Like a free-for-all.
This is so very hard on my body. I understand as an adult that self control is needed and you have to stick with it. I understand that it is ridiculous to undo a weeks worth of hard work and then undo it on my two days off.
But Good News
This weekend went great!
As I've mentioned before, I really do believe that getting off of those heavy carbs has helped me have a little more control.
I've also worked out regularly.
I think this is important for more than just the physical benefits.
I honestly believe that working, even making time for a walk, really helps the mind.
I think working out, like sex, is very primal. It's something that our minds and our bodies really respond to. I feel like as human beings, we are meant to move and exhaust our energy.
Some of us get it through our jobs, but for me and a lot of others who sit at a desk, we have to find other ways to exercise built up energy.
I mean I can be tired or in a bad mood but I know that if I just go to the gym and start moving my body I will feel better. Even if its only 30 minutes.
Well that's all for now.
I have 2 tests this week and several homework assignments, a job, grocery shopping, and cooking to get done. I'm not complaining, I signed up for all of it, I'm just letting you know in case I'm a little scarce throughout the week.


  1. Have you tried the salt and pepper pistachios? They are so addicting!

  2. I think it’s better to develop healthy eating habits instead of going on a diet. Don’t deprive yourself of the food that you like. You can always eat them in moderation, and continue to do your regular exercise to shake the unwanted fats away. Anyway, I love tofu too! My mom used to cook it in different ways, and I enjoyed eating it all the time.

    -Neva Modzelewski