Monday, September 10, 2012

The Weekend

South Beach.
I've done really well.
I ate a little too much but didn't undo myself.
I tried tofu again.
The flavor was there
The texture just freaks me out
I'm going to have to get used to it.
Not eating meat really throws me into a bad situation.
Only because I haven't planned well enough.
I need to be getting more protein and less fat.
Between avocado and nuts and yucky meal bars...
My fat intake is through the roof!
I tried on the bridesmaid gown that I will have to wear at the end of the month.
Oh well
At least it fits in the waist.
The dress is terribly hot but maybe we'll hit a cool spell by the end of the month.
I just heard about these Oreos!
Freaking awesome!
They  make me hate the South Beach diet.
But before they are off the shelf
I WILL try them.
Because I'm the biggest Oreo fan
like... ever
Here is my lil Oscar
He loves to take up as much space in the bed as he can!
How in the world is he sleeping like that?!
Oh yea...
Today is my 1 year wedding anniversary!
It's been amazing and..
he is really a very good man
and he makes me so incredibly happy


  1. Love the dress! Where did you see those Oreos at? Hope yall had a great anniversary!

    1. They are at Target. Thank you! :)