Wednesday, December 26, 2012

A Smelly Cat Birthday

Oh man!
I ate that junk food like no ones business over the holiday.
But it's okay.
I've already turned down cookies from the break room today.
Me: 1 Food: 0
I hope to keep up the good scoring.
I train with K tomorrow.
I'm pretty excited but also kind of nervous.
I guess I'm kind of a chicken.
But that's why I'm paying her... to push me.
To help make my body stronger and fit.
I missed working out on Sunday but I did get a workout in Friday, Saturday, and Monday. <<< Pretty Proud Of Myself
Especially for Saturday's workout.
I had went out of town to see my grandma and was out for most of the day but got back about 2 hours before the gym closed.
I would've skipped
But for whatever reason I suited up and went... just went
I didn't think about it or try to talk myself out of it.
I just went.
And it felt AWESOME!

My precious Smelly Cat turned 13 Monday!! :))

<<< My mother in-law's super awesome dog! She was the sweetest dog I have ever met.

<<< My handsome hubby in his new hat.

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