Thursday, December 20, 2012

All of the Goodies

One thing that is super hard to handle during the holiday season... the goodies. Especially the homemade goodies. I can resist the store bought stuff but when I know someone has slaved away in the kitchen I almost ALWAYS give in.

 Every year this is my battle.
But luckily I have been very good at getting to the gym. Sometimes getting to gym can be difficult during this time of year but for what ever reason I have been diligent. It's been hitting the spot for me. It just flat out makes me feel better.

Plus I am still high on the "new effect" of having a trainer. It was so much fun.  And I just feel so motivated.

For the Christmas celebration at my Dad's we are doing a "fiesta" theme. I'm pretty happy about it. "Fiesta" food is very easy to veganize. Or at best it can be made (easily) vegetarian.

Smelly Cat will be 13! on Monday. I can't believe she is already a teen. I still remember her feisty kitten days.
Time flies.
You know those things you take on when you get married because your partner refuses to part with it.
If not
Refer to the ugly yellow chair.
That's one of those things.

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