Tuesday, December 18, 2012

An Awesome Twin Brother

I have this twin brother
He's a pretty cool dude
for lots of reasons
1. he's my twin which automatically makes him cool
2. he's really funny
3. he watches the walking dead with me
4. he got me that awesome t-shirt
5. he got me this awesome pin-up calendar
He's a cool dude.
I used to not see him very often because he had really weird hours. 11am-3pm then a break then 6pm-10pm like everyday almost
And I work at an office- your basic 8-5 and off on the weekends
He changed jobs and I have been seeing a lot more of him!!
It's been really nice.
As an older (twin) sister I tend to give him a hard time
but I hope he knows it's all in good fun
and sometimes I'm just trying to look out for him
and sometimes I step over my boundaries
I can't help it!
But I love him and I really hope he knows it.

I had my first meeting with my trainer, K, last night.
She, K is a girl, is really super nice and outgoing
which is good because I tend to be shy at first
The first meeting was kind of a trial run
to see where I'm on the fitness scale
She said she was glad to work with someone who was already fit so that way she could push me more
in that moment I felt
1/2 flattered 1/2 terrified
I didn't sign up to train so that I could be babied (sp) around
I need to be pushed!
To break out of my comfort zone!
Today I'm pretty sore.
All over
It was fun though
I liked it a lot and I know that her guidance will really help
Our schedule will be a little wonky at first
due to the holidays
you got
New Years
Then hopefully it will be smooth sailing.
To trying something new
and challenging 

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