Thursday, December 6, 2012

Buy It Cheap

My snacks for the day!
Apple slices, Cucumber slices, Carrot slices, and Grapes (whole not sliced ;p)

Eating healthy on a budget is the topic of this post on KORA Organics. (I just found this blog and I am totally obsessed!)

But eating healthy on a budget really is difficult. Occasionally you can get lucky and find really awesome deals. Recently my local grocery store had tons and tons of russet potatoes and sweet potatoes for super cheap. But man there are only so many potatoes you can eat.


They made a good point that you should buy generic when it comes to staples like brown rice, old fashioned oats, and bags of beans. I totally agree with this. This is something I often do. And as odd as it sounds it’s something I decided to do after taking my first economics course a few years ago. In a perfectly competitive market, things like rice, oats, and corn are the closest examples of a perfectly competitive market; every brand out there sells almost the exact same product. Corn is corn no matter who sells it. So really the smartest thing to do here would be to buy the product at the lowest price per weight. Listen, as a college student, I know that price matters and for a lot of people who have children, price matters, but choosing healthy doesn’t mean breaking the bank.   


I am really trying to get back into that healthy, store perimeter zone, way of eating that I was in for so long. I felt better and knew that what I was eating was better for me. I always love reminders when I come across other blogs. They help keep me focused on what my goals are and ways to maintain or reach them. Plus it feels like I have team behind me. If other people are interested in perimeter store eating then I know I’m not a wacky extremist. I have often felt like a wacky extremist because a lot of the people around me don’t care that much about healthy diet and exercise, two things I have become fascinated with.


I get frustrated when I “mess up”, everyone does but I feel like we should get away from the “all or nothing” thinking. There is definitely a learning curve when it comes to choosing the right foods for your body and to top it off we are all different and will respond differently to different combinations of foods. And then you have to deal with conflicting info out there. the sugar war… you hear it’s bad for you and then you see a whole bunch of info a few weeks later about “no eat real sugar but stay away from the substitutes”. Uh, wait, what? And then you pretty much just have to choose for yourself.


I’m also a firm believer in the 80/20 rule… this helps get away from the all-or-nothing thinking. If your normal diet is full of nutrients and vitamins then it is okay to have a not so clean meal or treat every once in a while. I think balance is the hardest part for me and probably for most people in general. I really need check and make sure I’m in the 80/20 zone not something more like 60/40. As they say- You can’t out exercise a bad diet.





Buy cheap when appropriate

Perimeter eating

Do the research

Decide what works for you  


Exercise to be fit

Eat to be healthy


My next task: Trying to figure out a way to get my hubby more interested in healthy choices. He likes it fried and he likes it cheesy. A salad is only a salad if it contains iceberg lettuce and little chopped carrots and cucumbers and drowned in ranch. If it’s anything other than iceberg he deems it some sort of healthy food contraption that is way too green for him to be a part of.





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  1. Haha! I have the same problem with my partner. He doesn't like ANYTHING healthy! His salads are always iceberg drowning in ranch. He lives on chips and ice cream. And his idea of a square meal is Progresso chicken soup in a can with white bread. Ugh.