Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Walking the Walk

I read a quote book that has a quote for each day. I read one recently that stated the old cliche "Stop talking the talk and start walking the walk"- I needed to read that.

I really needed to read that.

I'm always like "yea I'm gonna do this or do that"
"tomorrow, yea, tomorrow"

Well it's about freaking time I stop talking and start doing.

Yesterday I was so close to skipping the gym
But with the quote still replaying over and over in my mind I went to the gym thinking... time to walk the walk.

Today will be the same thing.
I have to choose to walk the walk.
Of course there are a million excuses I could come up with
-I have to cook dinner
-I have to wash my hair
-I need to go Christmas shopping
-I need to get Dad's birthday present

But excuses aren't going to make me look good naked.
Excuses aren't going to keep me fit
Excuses aren't going to keep me healthy
The gym will (and a healthy diet)

Sometimes I say this to myself "Stop thinking about it and just do it."
That usually pumps me up.
In the mean time I need to
A. figure out how I want to prepare my asparagus (bake it?)
B. figure out how to make sweet potato butter (thanks Oprah)
C. try to find some new workout music

I am certainly open to suggestions.


Oh and my workout tonight?? Speed work maybe. I'm trying to get back into running shape. This may sound weird, or not, but I feel like it is a really great ab workout and helps me keep my belly slim. 30 second sprints with 60 second recovery for.... 4 miles... maybe 5. We'll see. Thats my plan.


  1. I can help you with part of your needs. Here's a great recipe for sweet potato butter that I've made before: http://peacebypastries.blogspot.com/2009/01/tester-chili-and-sweet-potato-butter.html

    1. THANKS!! I can't wait to try it :) I loooove me some sweet potato.