Thursday, September 27, 2012

Brussels with a Kick

I really dig some Brussels Sprouts.
I had always heard people complain about how gross they were so I never gave them a chance.
One day I got a little brave
What the heck
I'll give 'em a shot
In Love
But not plain.
Last night I had them spicy style.
We all need a little spice in our lives!
2 Cups Brussels Sprouts
2 tablespoons melted Earth Balance or butter of choice
1 heaping tablespoon of Pico de Gallo
1 tablespoon green chilies
1/2 teaspoon ground cumin
1/2 teaspoon chili powder
Steam your sprouts. Then put them in a bowl and melt earth balance to pour over the sprouts. Mix well. Then mix in the rest of your ingredients. Super yummy.

<-- The patty that looks like a
burger is a Morning Star Tomato Basil Patty. SO good! :)

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Arm Fat

Do you guys see that arm fat?
Or maybe its chest fat?
The fat roll at the top of my dress.
Well I hate it! Whatever the hell its called.
My husband told me I needed to go on a diet for the rest of the week.
umm... okay....
I think he was just trying to help  but I'm pretty sure a 4 day diet won't do much.
I've been told that everyone has it... that fat roll thing
But I have my doubts...
By the way
This is the dress I will be wearing in my friend's wedding on Saturday.
It's a beautiful dress...
I just wish.. you know... the arm fat wasn't there.
Oh well
Thankfully No One will be looking at the bridesmaids anyway
This bride is beautiful
and her dress sparkles like the midnight sky!
I guess we all have
Things no one else would really notice
We just have to find something else to focus on when those insecurities pop up
Something else that we're proud of.
I may have arm fat
I made a 90 on my Econ test
Sometimes things like that make me feel better
Not always
Maybe it just depends on the day
I'm human after all
I bet even Victoria's Secret models have some insecurities.
Oh well... Here's to Wednesday!
Cheers :)

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Weigh-in Bummer

What you see here folks is an egg white Egg Beaters omelet with pico de gallo and green chilies
with a side of 0% fat greek yogurt which I flavored with cinnamon and a teaspoon of maple syrup.
This entire meal came to a little over
 130 Calories,
24g Protein,  
                                  0g fat (I didnt measure the tsp of syrup)
7 Carbs
But man... I seriously need to learn how to take a damn picture! I dont even think you could tell what this is if I didn't tell you.
Oh yea and I also discovered something about the Fage yogurt... you have to eat it within 5days of opening!!! I could NOT believe that. There is no way. What you see there is 1/2 cup and that is almost too much for me. I wonder if you really do have to eat it in 5 days or if maybe there is some kind of grace period. I hope there is. I best get to chowing down if I have to eat it that fast... and figure out a way to make it taste less sour creamy... if ya know what I mean. . .
I was bummed to find that I was a pound heavier on the scale. I'm not sure what went wrong. I'll weigh again tomorrow and see if it "stuck". I don't like to get caught up on the numbers but I am curious to see what kinds of things change my body. I also have a slight obsession with graphs and I have 2 apps that graph my weight. For whatever reason I love looking at them. Maybe I should learn to graph new things. Maybe there is an app that will make other kinds of graphs for me.
Anyway -----------------
I best get going
Let me know if you guys know any good ways to make plain greek yogurt taste better ;p 

Monday, September 24, 2012

My Old Friend, Runner's High

I used to enjoy running. I used to clock 3-5 miles about 4 days a week and every Sunday I would run 12 or 15 miles. I really liked it… plus it was good for shaping my booty.

But I guess I was doing it all wrong because I would always end up with an injury.

So I gave it up.

I found other things to do.

Like the Precor 100i machine.

That thing rocks and does a good job at booty shaping too.

I also get an amazing burn.

But I kind of started getting a little tired of it.

The very thought of hopping for an hour on that thing made me lose my motivation.

Yesterday was one of those days.

I had been on it for 30 minutes and I was bored out of my mind.


I said what the heck!

And I went and jumped on the tread mill.

I jogged a good 3 miles.

It took me 28 minutes but at least I was able to do it.

I didn’t think that was even possible after having given up on it for so long.

It was so nice.

I still have a spot in my heart for the runner’s high.

And the best part

Today I am FEELING it.


In a good way though.

A way that says “yep those muscles have certainly been ignored”


I feel giddy like I’ve just hit it off with a hot guy my husband.

Maybe this time it will work out.

Maybe this time I can avoid an injury.

We’ll see.

I had a really great weekend.

Well kind of.

Saturday afternoon I felt icky.

Stomach ache.


Saturday morning was fun!

I had lunch with my two best friends.

We were celebrating one of them getting married!

And the night before the other got engaged so we kind of celebrated that too.


I’m so freaking happy for both of them!


I gotta study for this Microecon Theory test ßsounds fun, right?




Thursday, September 20, 2012

The Fight

Will I go
I think I'll go home
No no no
Just go
Back and Forth
Fought my whole way through the doors.
But here I am
Ready to burn it up!

Easy Way out Tofu - Sorry guys

Another Tofu experiment.
You guys might hate me for taking the lazy route.
I am going to use a prepackaged taco seasoning mix to season my tofu.
And for some reason
I think it’s going to be a good idea to use soy sauce too
I’m not sure how it’s all going to work out
But I’ll be sure to let you know.
I feel like tofu can morph into anything you want
You just have to know what you want…

 Ugg! Class has really been kicking my a$$ as of late
And when I do awful on a quiz or test
I start feeling awful about myself
As if not only is it a measure of how well I understand the material
But also a measure of my self-worth
Super bummed
And I know I will do better and yadda yadda yadda
But right now
It just plain sucks.

Tomorrow is Body Pump
Thanks goodness
I so love that class
I always leave feeling stronger
I think that is another reason why I always always always look forward to Fridays
The instructor is very motivating
For Me
I need a good positive role model
And she really is
She is strong, healthy, and very uplifting


We all kind of have that “trouble area” right?
Well mine is my bodacious booty
So I found this workout on Pinterest that I might try

Pinned Image






Now, everyone go find something that makes them feel strong!



Monday, September 17, 2012

I like to play with my food.

 So that's kind of pretty, right?
Yea I know. I'm a total weirdo.
Anyway my tofu recipe didn't turn out spicy enough so I'll share it with you when it's perfected.
I'm going for a "TexMex with a Kick" taste.
By the way. I love to saute chickpeas. They are so yummy with that crispiness.
I've been trying to find new ways to add protein into my diet without adding too many carbs or too much fat.
So this weekend I was at the Natural Grocers and came across Fage 0%. Yogurt.
Now it isn't vegan. But it is a good source of protein and will have to do until I can figure out something else.
There is tofu as I've mentioned before but I don't want to burn out on it.
I've had to cut way back on the consumption of nuts because I was getting too much fat in my diet. Healthy or not, there is a limit and it's fairly easy to turn a healthy food into an unhealthy habit by eating too much of it.
Pistachios in the shell help because you think you are getting more than you really are plus you are paying more attention to the food itself by having to sit there and take the shell off. I can really control my intake with these.
Most of you know that on the weekends I mess up. I throw my healthy eating habits out the window. Like a free-for-all.
This is so very hard on my body. I understand as an adult that self control is needed and you have to stick with it. I understand that it is ridiculous to undo a weeks worth of hard work and then undo it on my two days off.
But Good News
This weekend went great!
As I've mentioned before, I really do believe that getting off of those heavy carbs has helped me have a little more control.
I've also worked out regularly.
I think this is important for more than just the physical benefits.
I honestly believe that working, even making time for a walk, really helps the mind.
I think working out, like sex, is very primal. It's something that our minds and our bodies really respond to. I feel like as human beings, we are meant to move and exhaust our energy.
Some of us get it through our jobs, but for me and a lot of others who sit at a desk, we have to find other ways to exercise built up energy.
I mean I can be tired or in a bad mood but I know that if I just go to the gym and start moving my body I will feel better. Even if its only 30 minutes.
Well that's all for now.
I have 2 tests this week and several homework assignments, a job, grocery shopping, and cooking to get done. I'm not complaining, I signed up for all of it, I'm just letting you know in case I'm a little scarce throughout the week.

Friday, September 14, 2012

Hyperactive Night

So last night I couldn't sleep.
Well - I mean I did sleep but I woke up once or twice each hour until it was time to get up for the gym at 4:40.

The whole night I thought the dog was bothering us.

Jumping on the side of the bed - trying to hop in with us and playing and making noises.
So I kept waking up and telling him to "stop" and "no".

Finally my husband and I wake up for the gym and he tells me "of course you're tired. you were freaking out all night."
I said "Well, the dog wouldn't be quiet."

He did know what I was talking about.
And apparently I also kept telling him to be nice to the dog.

We came to the conclusion that I was probably just having some very vivid dreams.
I wonder if other people have those!?

I mean I was 100% sure that the dog was doing all of this.
But Nope!
Just my imaginary dream dog.


I've decided that tofu is going to be my best bet when it comes to high protein, lower fat, low carb food.
Right now I am marinating some but I don't want to share the recipe yet. It might be disgusting!
It will be spicy.
Cayenne, RoTel and Tabasco brand soy sauce are involved.

This is my fortune from yesterday's lunch.
I was disappointed at it's simplicity.
The saying is so cliche.
But then I decided it was exactly what I needed to hear.

Thursday, September 13, 2012

We Are Never Getting Back Together

I remember when we broke up the first time
Saying this is it, I've had enough, 'cause like
We haven't seen each other in a month
When you, said you, needed space, what?
Then you come around again and say
Baby, I miss you and I swear I'm gonna change
Trust me, remember how that lasted for a day
I say, I hate you, we break up, you call me, I love you

Oooh we called it off again last night
But Oooh, this time I'm telling you, I'm telling you
We are never ever ever getting back together

Like ever...

Yes the new Taylor Swift's song.

Its catchy

And while I'm not usually a Taylor Swift fan
I decided that last night I am dedicating this song to someone.
The me who can't get her act together
The me who thinks she can stuff her face and whine about being fat
Because seriously...
How many times have I said "Okay I'm done" "This is it" "Making a change"
And then I go back
              To my old ways

This relationship is so destructive
 to my mind
and my body
It's time for a permanent break up
Will I still miss her? Think about her?
But it's for the best.
She is selfish.
She has to have it all.

The baked goods
The candy
The deep fried veggies
The baked goods
More baked goods
The endless mindless eating
She thinks she has to have it all and right then.
As if it won't be around the next day/week/month...
It will always be there!
So maybe I can have a piece of dessert on a special occasion.
1 piece
Not 2
Not 3
Not 1 but have it every single night of the week
Just 1
For that occasion

Some people can get away with dessert more regularly
But it's my weakness
So for me
I have to be a little more cautious

I think its time
to break up
It was fun while it lasted
except for all of the guilt I felt
except for my pants feeling tight
except for how crappy my body felt
Hmm... maybe it wasn't so fun after all

I've been on the South Beach diet for a week and I think that being off of the sugar and the carbs has really helped me "kick the habit" kind of. I no longer feel the need for a dessert or sweets as much as I used to. Which is seriously strange because when I say weakness I mean kryptonite.


Freezing Baked Goods  Bye bye

Recipe for "Banana Cake with Praline filling and White Chocolate Ganache" See Ya

Mississippi Mud S'Mores-Fudge Pie...there is a whole collection of Mississippi Mud desserts Oops! I guess I lost your number.

Sweet Chili Lime Tofu Oh! Hello there. You sexy tofu beast.

Garbanzo, tomato and cilantro salad with lime and chile dressing. I heart garbanzos. How you doin'?

Pictures came from Pinterest!

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Second Day Tofu

This is last night's dinner.
Tofu and mixed veggie skillet.
The package of extra firm tofu was marinated over night in
1/2 water
1 packet of flavor boost vegetable broth
1/4 cup soy sauce
1 tsp all purpose seasoning
1/2 tablespoon cumin
salt and pepper to taste
The first day I baked it at 350 for 30 minutes. The texture was kind of mushy. I can't "do" that. So I didn't finish it all.
The second night (last night) I decided I would put the remaining tofu in the skillet with the veggies.
The texture was a lot firmer.
It was like the most amazing thing ever :)
So I'm not sure if it helped letting it dry out over night to the next OR if preparing it in the skillet is what helped it firm up BUT  the next time I make tofu I will for sure try the skillet first.
I just cant eat it when it's mushy and spongy.
I have class tonight.
We get out SOOOOOO late.
O well... no use in complaining.

Monday, September 10, 2012

The Weekend

South Beach.
I've done really well.
I ate a little too much but didn't undo myself.
I tried tofu again.
The flavor was there
The texture just freaks me out
I'm going to have to get used to it.
Not eating meat really throws me into a bad situation.
Only because I haven't planned well enough.
I need to be getting more protein and less fat.
Between avocado and nuts and yucky meal bars...
My fat intake is through the roof!
I tried on the bridesmaid gown that I will have to wear at the end of the month.
Oh well
At least it fits in the waist.
The dress is terribly hot but maybe we'll hit a cool spell by the end of the month.
I just heard about these Oreos!
Freaking awesome!
They  make me hate the South Beach diet.
But before they are off the shelf
I WILL try them.
Because I'm the biggest Oreo fan
like... ever
Here is my lil Oscar
He loves to take up as much space in the bed as he can!
How in the world is he sleeping like that?!
Oh yea...
Today is my 1 year wedding anniversary!
It's been amazing and..
he is really a very good man
and he makes me so incredibly happy

Friday, September 7, 2012

Cookin' Crunck

Most exciting day ever!
Well maybe not.
I finally got my copy of Cookin' Crunk.
I've already read through it and it is AMAZING.
I can't wait to get started and share all the yummy food.
A lot of the foods go along with my South Beach diet plan.
Speaking of that.
So far so good.
Only problem is getting enough protein and lowering my fat.
And I'm pretty bummed about not being able to have a drink on date night.
That is really the only time I ever drink but it just kinda goes along with date night.
O well...
After the initial 2 weeks I can move on to Phase 2 and have an occasional glass of wine.
No more margaritas :(
Maybe once in a blue moon though.
I can give it up in the name of fitness and health.
Cheers (with H2O)
Happy Friday!

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

South Beach?

I’m not really into fad diets. I think people should learn how to eat normally and make healthy choices so that it becomes a lifestyle change rather than a quick fix.


This weekend I saw one of my cousins.

Girlfriend looked GOOD!

She was slim and healthy.

Her hair and skin looked amazing.

I said “what are you doing!?”

“Oh I’ve been on the South Beach diet”


That word.


Makes me almost immediately back off.

But man. She looked fabulous.

So I thought I would read a little more about it.

And it doesn’t sound so bad.

I ordered the book and I won’t have it in until Thursday so I don’t know all the deets yet.

It seems like the basic idea is to get you off of heavy starchy carbs.

Then gradually reintroduce some of them in a healthier way.

I get a lot of carbs as it is since I don’t eat meat and I generally stay away from dairy.

That leaves mainly carbs.

I have often wondered if cutting some of them out would benefit my body.

If so I could easily see this becoming a lifestyle change.

As long as I can eventually eat fruit and oatmeal again :-)

Phase 1 is two weeks long and very strict.

No oatmeal or fruit.

That sucks.

But after these first two weeks I can begin to work them back into my diet. Yay!!

I’m gonna give it a shot.

To see if it works for me.

But it throws my revamp plan out.

So I guess I’m revamping my revamp.


I think I’m going through a weird phase.

I’m just trying to figure what works for me.




Plus I still get to eat lots of yummy food!!
Last nights veggies.
 Zucchini, Summer Squash, Green Bell, Anaheim, Onion, and Chick Peas
Baked in the iron skillet (covered with foil)for 45minutes on 350F
This morning's breakfast.
Two Morningstar Farms "sausage" patties.
I like the hot and spicy kind
And a dairy free "cheese" slice melted on top.
But this was too much fat so I'll need to work on my breakfast menu.